User Engagement Key To Success For Skittles

Recently, Skittles, those fruity candies that look like M & Ms, have used viral marketing and social media to engage their users in an inventive new way.

Recently, Skittles, those fruity candies that look like M & Ms, have used viral marketing and social media to engage their users in an inventive new way.

See for yourself:

This type of creative user engagement is a breath of fresh air. It’s an original idea that’s well-written and leaves the viewer/user feeling a warm, humorous reaction. In this day and age, a positive reaction that will get people talking is a rare commodity. One usually reserved for negative actions such as laughing at and sharing videos of people falling down or bad singing.

In our Web 2.0 age, to get a piece of content to go viral doesn’t just mean that a single video has a large amount of hits, but that social media metrics are in play; that the content is passed around on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is usually accomplished by a team of social media managers behind the scenes savvy-enough to know how to get potentially-viral content like these Skittles ads seen.

While Skittles has always maintained catchy advertising via it’s “Taste The Rainbow” marketing slogan and commercials, this is the point where Skittles asserts itself as a presence on the web and we hope that they will continue to take this ball and run with these user engagement videos all the way to the end of the rainbow.

To learn more about these Skittles ads, head on over to their Youtube page.

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