Here’s what some of our happy web design clients had to say about working with us.


How can NBT help your business? Wonder no more! We invite you to delve into the experiences of our delighted clients who have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of partnering with NBT. Discover their testimonials below and gain valuable insights into how our tailored strategies and exceptional services have fueled their success. Here’s what some of our happy clients had to say about working with us:

“Chris and Tavis just upgraded a number of my websites to responsive, mobile-friendly versions in a timely fashion and they look great. I have been working with NB Technologies for several years and their work is always effective, on time, and their customer service is unsurpassed.”

– Ettore M.

“NB Technologies has been helping me Internet better for nearly a decade. One day I came to the realization that at least 5 other businesses were operating under the same name as my business within North America. When I realized I needed to ‘Highlander’ my competition… NB Technologies devised a comprehensive SEO strategy and integrated system to help me succeed over all my competitors in organic Google Search results.”

– Mike S.

“I am VERY happy to say NB Technologies has taken care of me for the last 7 years. I hear horror stories from others getting their web business started, and always direct these people to NB Technologies. Tavis and Chris are the best! 3 sites later. I’ll never go to anyone else, ever again. Forget Valpak. NB Technologies FOREVER!”

– Jane B.

“Tavis and Chris are incredibly talented and designed [a new] website that is perfect. They waited patiently as we sent content and photos and responded immediately to any of our inquiries. Definitely topnotch in their field. I look forward to working with them for our future needs, including preparing us for starting our blog.”

– Claudia T.

“NB Technologies has been helping us service and manage our real estate website. Great guys to work with. Very knowledgable and personal service is bar-none!”

– Laird K.

“Creating a unique web presence was my goal. NB Technologies has helped me accomplish this. Extremely happy with their efficiency and professionalism….Kudos to NB Technologies!”

– Holly O.

“We have used NB Technologies on many occasions for my non-profit website over the past 4-5 years. They not only helped us with our website redesign but they’ve helped us time and time again whenever we’ve had any issue arise regarding our site or general maintenance. The staff are awesome, knowledgeable and personable. They are clear and concise when relaying information and instructions to us which I find very important when working with technology. They are extremely fast, affordable, and professional. I always know that my emails will be answered in a timely manner, if you work in a fast paced industry I can’t emphasize enough how important that is. I highly recommend NB Technologies for any website development needs!”

– Gena M.

“Always quick to respond to any of my needs and they came to my rescue when GoDaddy failed to help me when I was on a trip in Alaska, but NBT took over everything and I haven’t looked back since. I highly recommend.”

– Kevin R.

“I needed an e-commerce retail site for my father’s rare book business. Tavis from NB technologies was extremely helpful in fulfilling all of the requirements of what is a very specialized scope of work. I appreciate the time taken to help get the site up, and that they made it easy to update and manage. This site is perfect for my father who is not code savvy. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who is thinking about creating a serious web presence that is easy to maintain.”

– Greg C.

“NB put up and have been maintaining my website with unparalleled efficiency for 8 years. I have an unusually complicated website, but there’s never been a problem they couldn’t solve. Tavis is always there when I need him, and his replies to my questions are unfailingly clear and helpful. NB’s is customer service at its best and most dependable. My website now has to change platforms, from Drupal to WordPress. But I’m feeling totally confident. NB is a no-stress company.”

– Lorraine O.

“I was introduced to NB Technologies from a friend to build an e-commerce website from the ground up. They helped me with creating a fully working website that provided my customer a visual and interactive median to showcase my products and use it as a purchase point. I highly recommend them and have also done so to my friends that needed a website to be built.”

– Steve S.

“The guys over at NB Technologies have taken our assets and launched full brand websites from start to finish. They paid attention to detail every step of the way and were keen to give us daily updates. Projects were always met on time and on budget. What else could you ask for as a busy digital marketer! I highly recommend NB Technologies and their services.”

– Rachael L.

“Tavis is detail-oriented and responsive. He did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.”

– Benjamin K.

“It all started when we accidentally crashed the site and Tavis jumped in and promptly saved the day -after office hours and everything. After that, we needed fixes to how elements on the site were organized, how links were opened and certain automated text styles were displayed. Tavis fixed these quickly.”

– Anthony P.

“Tavis came in one day promoting a special that NB Technologies was offering. I accepted the offer and it went very quickly from there. He was diligent about getting info from us and very efficient.”

– Jennifer P.

“NB Technologies is a company that understands the needs for not only those who commission them, but also the many individuals that enjoy the experience and quality work they provide.”

– Sean L.

“NB Technologies came highly recommended from a web designer working on my website. Amidst my website build, NB Technologies collaborated with my web designer to refine our shopping cart and create our Facebook Landing Page. They were extremely professional, fair in pricing, technologically adept, and prompt. They were also open to suggestions but did not allow me to go in he wrong direction with my desires for the website build. They essentially guided me along, while optimizing what I wanted to achieve for the site. I am truly satisfied with NB Technologies’ work and I plan on doing further work with them.”

– Jonathan B.

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