This New Magic Calendar Brings Keeping A Schedule To An Entirely New Level

The age of physical calendars might be getting some new life with the Magic Calendar, which is a new e-paper calendar.

The age of using physical calendars was just about winding down to a close. Most people utilize their cell phones or other digital devices to help them keep track of their appointments and upcoming events. Of course, people still use tangible calendars but the usage is close to nothing compared to what it used to be.

Well, the age of physical calendars might be getting some new life with the Magic Calendar, which is a new e-paper calendar. Japanese designer, Kosho Tsuboi, in conjunction with Google’s Android Experiments has designed an almost tablet-like calendar that can be mounted onto the wall and syncs up with your smartphone. The technology is able to display everything you have scheduled, whether it’s upcoming or already passed, right in the convenience of your own home.

The device appears to be made to fit various sizes and you’d only have to charge it every three months, which to me is the overall biggest draw. The magic Calendar utilizes an E-Ink color display that gives you a visual on the schedule you want to be displayed on the board. The video above gives you an accurate visual representation of how the Magic Calendar is designed to work and function.

It is incredible to see the new platforms that technology is advancing to in this day and age. With every passing day, something new and exciting relating to technology comes into the light and today is no different. It’s unclear whether or not this invention will actually ever hit the shelves but one can hope.

If we do ever get to see the Magic Calendar, I’m betting it won’t be for some time. There’s no word or mention if production for this product will ever see the light of day

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Blog

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